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9:27 AM Mon, Oct. 22nd

Letter: Too stupid to self-govern?

I am amazed at the wholesale embellishments, gross hypocrisy and wholesale dishonesty and disregard for history that have been produced by the Republican party and John McCain during this financial disaster that has befallen this country. In general, some ads proclaim that a vote for the liberal Democrats and Obama will result in the unbridled growth of government, the proliferation of welfare programs, huge budget deficits and increased taxes that will destroy our economy and burden all Americans.

If one cares to explore history, we will find that the supposed paradigm for the Republican Party was governmental fiscal responsibility, decreasing the size of government and governmental regulations, decreasing the tax burdens on all Americans, and to recast "America's moral constitution." This paradigm thrust Reagan into office, but sadly, he quickly abrogated these little pieces of Republican folklore.

In actuality, Reagan became the "poster child for profligacy," and the deficit increased from $54 billion under Carter to $210 billion. Federal spending doubled from $590 billion under Carter to $1.4 trillion under Reagan. Government grew by 6 percent. This trend continued under Bush 1.

I won't bore you with the facts that the deficit became a surplus under Clinton and the size of the government remained stable. With Bush 2, the garish opulence and excesses of government first introduced by Reagan have exceeded all expectations, and again, I won't bore you with details about a deficit now approaching a trillion dollars, a trade deficit approaching the same amount, an economy in ruins and an illegal war costing our economy another $1 trillion.

But, everyone can now rejoice because the Republican Party has expanded its paradigm of profligacy to include privatization of profits and socialization of corporate losses. In other words, profits obtained through greed, fraud, incompetence and ethical lapses made possible by the other position of the paradigm of decreased governmental regulations will now be covered by the unwashed masses. Maybe Bill Maher is right when he proclaims that, "Americans are too stupid to self-govern."

Richard Null

Golden Valley