Breaking news: I-40 closure

Interstate-40 has been closed in both directions, from Flagstaff to Winslow. This is due to high winds and extremely low visibility from heavy wind and dust. The Arizona Department of Public Safety is assisting ADOT with the closure. DPS does not have a time frame for re-opening.

DPS advises drivers to use caution when approaching a dust storm.


• DPS recommends motorists seeing a dust storm approaching exit the freeway/highway at the first available off ramp.

• If you find yourself in a dust storm with limited visibility, slow down and use the lines on the roadway to guide you.

• If you find you're in a dust storm without visibility, pull completely off the freeway/highway into the dirt. Turn your lights off; take your foot off the brake, do not use your emergency flashers. Wait for the storm to pass.

• If your lights are on while you are pulled over during a dust storm, you stand a good chance of being struck by motorists trying to follow you thinking you're still moving along the roadway.

• Always stay in your vehicle with your safety belt fastened. Never exit until the dust storm has passed.

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