Letter: Bachmann should resign immediately

I'm stunned! For Michelle Bachmann, a U.S. congresswoman (R-Minn.) to address radio listeners and say that she is calling for a "revolution" against the Obama Administration is, in my opinion, treason. For a member of Congress to ask citizens to be "armed and dangerous" and to "rise up" against President Obama is outrageous, anti-American and downright criminal.

Of course, she has freedom of speech on her side, but is she going to take full responsibility if people do as she asks? This is the same woman who, last October, suggested that half of Congress is anti-American, and that they should be investigated. I believe she's the one who needs to be investigated - and thrown out of the United States of America!

If a Democrat had said something like that, you better believe that every Republican would be calling for that person's resignation. Well, I, as a citizen of the U.S., am calling for the resignation of Michelle Bachmann.

Lori Gabriel-Dane