Letter: Government is raiding Social Security

Government is raiding Social Security

Seniors, do you know what our Social Security Insurance is being used for now? SSI was instituted in 1938 for aged Americans and we've contributed to it all of our working lives. It's turned out to be a good thing, especially for seniors who don't plan for retirement. However, President Obama signed into law the SCHIP (State Children's Health Insurance Program) bill on Feb. 4, which allows the government to use more than $50 billion of Social Security moneys for medical and dental care for children.

Strangely enough, AARP lobbied for this bill. To help cover the cost (because SSI can't sustain it alone) an additional tax was put on tobacco products. An amendment was also passed that allows low-income pregnant women eligibility under this program too.

I don't object to helping children or low-income pregnant women. However, SSI funds should never have been used to fund this program. This should be repealed and funded by another pot of money. Who are these children who have no parents or relatives to take care of them? Are they all wards of the states? Who are these low-income pregnant women? Low-income doesn't mean ignorant.

American children learn about the birds and bees in junior high (besides from friends and family). TV can't be watched for an hour without a commercial for contraceptives. Who are these women and men who have unprotected relations? Are these low-income pregnant women and their significant others made to pay back these moneys and perform community service at their local hospital's OB ward and attend a mandatory parenting class?

Sorry, gals, I thought American women had a handle on this part of their lives, but obviously that isn't the case. This program should exclude illegal aliens. If they apply, they should be reported to local authorities for deportation. Fellow seniors, write to your representatives and demand that Social Security funds not be used for the SCHIP program.

Alice Darling, Kingman