Letters of Thanks: Monday, April 20, 2009

Thanks so much for the piece by Thomas Sowell on Thursday, April 2. It was really great to read the truth; I didn't realize there were still papers out there that did that. For that reason I will be subscribing to the Kingman Daily Miner and hope you continue to print the truth. There are those out here who really want to hear it.

Thanks again.

Gerry Cook


In reference to the Kingman infant who has had heart surgery, the article states that the mother, Keyle Golemon has stayed at the Ronald McDonald Home for three weeks. This stay enabled her to have these magnificent quarters at little or no cost through the many churches, schools, organizations, friends and notably the Kingman Elks Club for diligently collecting aluminum pull tabs to be turned in to Ronald McDonald Homes.

Many thanks to Carol Horst for delivering the tables to Tucson, also!

Russ and Elaine Petry Sr.


I may not be a princess who has a white knight coming to her rescue on a magnificent steed, but I do have a knight by the name of Dave Kinsey who came to my aid in the city of Kingman Sanitation truck.

Early in the morning of March 20, I fell in the alley behind my home and I wasn't able to get up. Approximately 15 or 20 minutes later, Dave came around the corner to do his pickup. Upon seeing me, he came to my assistance. He first asked me if I needed medical help and I assured him I was more embarrassed than hurt. He helped me to my feet and supported me to the back gate of my home. He even offered to walk me into my house.

We hear so many negative things about our city and county employees that it's refreshing to have a "knight in shining armor" who shows so much kindness and consideration for others. So, to you, Dave Kinsey, I thank you for coming to my rescue.

Toni Mesa