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8:48 AM Sat, Oct. 20th

Letter: Guns are not the problem, people are

This is in regards to the recent poll on gun control. All of the options you offered were to ban guns or a person's right to own a gun. May I offer another suggestion? How about the courts stop handing out vacations they call sentences to resorts they call prisons. Criminals do not fear the prison system in this country. They consider a crime with a weapon nothing to fear. Prisons are filled with people on death row who have committed crimes with guns and they have better lives than many citizens who work very hard for a living.

It is time our justice system gets serious and cleans house. Chain gangs and carrying out the death penalty would make these criminals think twice about committing crimes with guns.

If a criminal is convicted of murder, take that person out the next day and execute that criminal. A weapon placed on the table is of no harm to anyone; it is the criminal that picks it up and does harm with it.

Jack W McKeon