Letter: Let's be a gentleman collectively

I would like to extend a challenge to the men of Kingman. Be a gentleman. That's it. There have been countless times that I've seen a man walk through a door, and then maybe hold the door for the lady behind him. How about opening the door for her and show that chivalry is not dead!

When eating out in a restaurant, how about making sure her meal was prepared properly before you start tearing into yours. And, opening up her car door for her when leaving or arriving somewhere.

Here's a novel idea. How about making her a nice dinner for a change? Perhaps drawing her a bubble bath and put on some soft music, a glass of wine and candles around the tub? Might just surprise you how much she'll appreciate the effort. Do a load or two of laundry. Clean up the house, or at least your own dirty socks off the floor. Tell her how much you appreciate her just because of who she is to you.

So again, here is the challenge. I challenge each and every man in Kingman to act like a gentleman for one full week. For the week of Aug. 10 through 17, I would love to see women treated like they used to be treated, with respect and admiration. Wouldn't it be nice to see the entire community come together and just act like a gentleman? Now, I firmly believe in women's rights. I just also believe that a man can act like a gentleman without taking away anything from the gals.

David L. Bekaert,