The honor was all mine

Though I had to stay up an hour past my bedtime Wednesday, it was a real pleasure for me to meet Brittney Gaskill and hear her story about striving to make the 2012 USA Olympic team, which appeared in the Friday Aug. 7 edition.

I was most impressed with Brittney's seriousness. She's taking her journey in a very business-like manner, which only makes me wish I would have been serious about something when I was 16.

In all of Brittney's seriousness, there's the way she treats her Anschutz rifle. She's very proud of that weapon and has become so familiar with it she's named it "Jersey". She said that after spending two nights sleeping with it, Jersey came to her mind and stuck with her. She had no other explanation for choosing that name.

As our evening together came to a close, Brittney bestowed upon me the honor of holding Jersey. I'm not much of gun person. I'm much more comfortable handling a tennis racquet, but the moment was thrilling.

It was thrilling because Brittney and her quest means a lot to her. To be part of it for just an hour with her was exhilarating. Brittney gave me the privilege of holding Jersey and that was humbling. But most of all, meeting this young person and her go-get-them attitude was my biggest reward.

Now, it's time for a nap.