Letter: Thanks to all who helped the Beale Street Block Party

The participation and attendance of the Beale Street Block Party was crazy! My deepest appreciation to all who helped launch the event.

Need for mention is Brandon of "Looney Tunes Music" for sound and connections! "Lighting Spectacular" for spotlighting everything, including the highlighted businesses! To the dedicated and talented musicians in the bands: "Uncle Dirtnap", "3-D" and "Gigawatt." A holler out to DJ Jeremy Greene for keeping the party going for the die-hards!

Thank you and congratulations to Evofi, House of Vintage, Joshua Tree Coffee Roasting Company and Sirens. And I must not forget Robin, Donna and Jackie at City Hall for all their help up to the eleventh hour. Hats off to the Miner for the positive cover. And a huge bow to the patrons, friends and families that came out and celebrated with us. It was a great time for those looking for one!

Angela Patterson,

Beale Street Brews Coffee Shop,