Letter: No one has a right to health care

The current legislation that the president is trying to ram through Congress to change our health-care system is not only foolish, it is wrong. Contrary to what President Obama says, our health-care system is not broken, nor is it unsustainable. The current private health-care system is the best in the world and it operates exactly as we have chosen it to work. We want our health care to be the highest quality and we want it to provide treatment fast and this is exactly what we have gotten.

The natural result of a service being the highest quality and delivered fast is it will be expensive. We simply can't have the best of anything provided quickly and expect it to also be cheap. The world simply doesn't work that way. If we want lower cost, we will have to be satisfied with lower quality or with slower delivery. If this is really what we want, all we need to do it choose it to be that way. That is the beauty of free enterprise. It delivers exactly what the customer chooses. We do not need a government program to accomplish this.

All of Obama's promises that his government health-care system will provide the same high quality care we currently have, delivered just as fast as it is currently delivered and for lower cost are simply lies. He knows better. It should be clear to even the casual observer that government cannot deliver any product or service as cheaply as free enterprise. This fact has been demonstrated over and over again.

No one has a right to health care. Health care, like food, cars, housing and every other thing we consume, must be earned. If someone cannot pay for their individual health care, then they must rely upon the charity of others. Charity it a very good thing that benefits both the giver and the receiver, but charity cannot be forced. The moment any form of coercion is used, it is no longer charity and instead of being a benefit it is harmful to both the giver and the receiver. If government is the one doing the coercion, then society in general is made worse.

While it is true that responsible people should have health insurance, the government has no right to force us to purchase health insurance. The primary purpose of government is to protect the rights of its citizens. It is not the responsibility of the government to take care of us.

The president and his liberal allies are simply using their power to force their particular viewpoint on everyone else.

Glen Riddle,