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12:13 AM Sat, Feb. 16th

Letter: Lack of jobs creates violence

My family and I were very upset by the family violence that left an infant without parents. This community must change.

We need to create hope and prosperity, not seed the old fears and despair that is now festering around town. We must focus on our real community needs and have leaders that support all the people, not just the few that benefit them directly. We need to focus on real community plans, not some special project to cover the train with shade! Local contractors can be put to work installing a large shade cover over the old town district like they have in Las Vegas. We need to close down nine holes of the golf course to reduce costs and redirect that money to community groups that may be able to prevent family violence.

Why did the City Council just give the golf pro $800,000 without any outside bid process? Giving that much money without any public discussion shows we need to replace the entire Council and get people who are not tied in with special interests.

I have talked with many city staff and they have a real low feeling that nothing ever good happens in Kingman. That's the feeling that starts the despair that leads to stress in the home and violence. Kingman has some great things going for it, but a few fearful people in our local government are controlling too much. Holding this city back is fear and that is not creating prosperity. Look carefully at our situation and see if the same people in power now are going to make things better in the future. If we want fair paying jobs and a better community, we better vote for new leaders.

The old days are gone; we must move forward to help these families who are clearly in need of support.

Dean Wolslagel,