Letter: Have you got a better idea?

To those of you who are against the healthcare reform, you must have very good healthcare benefits! But I don't! I currently must pay almost $300 a month with a whopping $5,000 deductible - and my pre-existing condition is not covered - that's fair? That's rotten! And I'm not alone. There needs to be a change.

Each day, 14,000 people in the U.S. lose their healthcare coverage; each day, 280 people in Arizona lose their healthcare coverage. And without reform, those who still have insurance will see their yearly premiums go up by $9,000 in the next decade to a staggering $22,770. A real public health insurance option is crucial to lowering costs by spurring competition.

Reform with a real public option is keen to expanding coverage. Under current legislation, which includes a strong public healthcare option, 988,000 people in Arizona - and 37 million Americans nationwide - will gain coverage by 2019. If you're against Obama's healthcare reform, then how about coming up with another good idea instead of just complaining and presenting false facts and taken-out-of-context arguments!

Betsy Senn,