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10:08 AM Sat, Nov. 17th


THOUGHTS ON SPELLING, (though punctuation could also have a place in this)

Seems something or someone has built a fire under a bunch of people who are now responding to blogs on the Miner's website.

That's good. Information, whether accurate or otherwise, triggers people's thought processes.

Trouble is, emotions and reason get mixed up with some people. It makes for fun, (read entertaining as opposed to educational) reading, but also reflects on a writer's ability to express himself or herself intelligently.

Readers might want to amble over to Loyd Peterson's blog about water, published recently.

In the many replies, one fact seems to stand out. Younger people seem to have trouble placing the letters to (many) words in the correct order.

I'm not going to list the words. Just slide on over to the responses to Mr. Peterson's blog, and you'll see comedy in spelling. Actually, it's not funny. I believe many of the responders would recognize the errors they themselves made, and had they taken a couple minutes to proof read their piece the words we read would probably be spelled correctly.

There is also a feature on computers, I'm told, that automatically corrects spelling. Can't believe a younger person wouldn't be familiar with such a tool.

Anyway, enough of the scolding. I'll just bring up 'solar power' on google to check out the latest. It is a subject on which one might want to let the sun shine.