Ketchner: Don't make me go to court

Murder suspect wants to skip hearings before trial

Darrell Ketchner is led from court to the Mohave County Jail following a hearing Friday.

Darrell Ketchner is led from court to the Mohave County Jail following a hearing Friday.

KINGMAN - The defense counsel representing Darrell Ketchner says his client does not want to come back to court.

"Mr. Ketchner would not like to appear at future hearings," said one of his lawyers, Stephen Glazer.

Ketchner appeared in court Friday for a case management hearing before Judge Rick Williams. The Allison family filled the front row of the courtroom. Ketchner did not make eye contact with them and kept his head lowered for most of the proceedings.

The state has said it intends to seek the death penalty against Ketchner, who is charged with murdering 18-year Ariel Allison and severely injuring her mother Jennifer in an attack July 4.

Family members call Jennifer's recovery nothing short of miraculous. Jennifer was stabbed multiple times and shot in the back of the head. Police who responded to the scene did not expect her to survive the ambulance trip to the hospital.

Jennifer was being treated in the intensive care unit at a Las Vegas hospital. She has since moved to an extended care facility where she is undergoing physical therapy.

Family spokesperson Jeanene Allison said Jennifer saw her two youngest children for the first time since the attack Thursday. Jeanene is the sister of Shawn Allison, the father of Jennifer Allison's two oldest children.

"Her long-term memory is completely intact," she said. "We had three doctors in Las Vegas that said she's a miracle. She is a fighter."

Jeanene said she is not surprised Ketchner does not want to appear at future hearings.

"It's disappointing that he doesn't want to be there to face what he did," she said. An evidentiary hearing in the case is set for 9 a.m. Oct. 1. Williams said he anticipates the hearing taking most of the day.

The defense said it received the bulk of the state's evidence up front, and received an additional 20 disks from the state last week. Ketchner's defense was transferred from the county Public Defender's Office to the county's Criminal Justice Services Department last month. He is represented by Glazer and John Napper. Napper appeared at Friday's hearing via telephone.

Ketchner filed a motion to have Judge Derek Carlisle removed from the case while he was still being represented by a public defender. Judge Steven Conn was also assigned the case before it was transferred to Williams.