Letter: Healthcare reform should be easy

For many elections, the Democrats have said the Republicans will cut Medicare. Well, look at which party is cutting Medicare and ruining the lives of millions of senior citizens - the Democrats are doing it with this healthcare bill.

I started working when I was 13 and have paid taxes for all those years. Now that I am 66 and using Medicare, the Democrats are cutting the heart out of it. What's fair about this to us seniors who have paid the taxes for so many of these Congress critters to get their "free" rides from day-care to college to law school to Congress? Healthcare reform should have been a piece of cake for all those smart folks with college degrees. I would have just enlarged the Medicare program for any who aren't able to work and pay for their own insurance. Why not make a program better instead of tearing it down?

Spend the rest of that stimulus dollars to enroll the needy into Medicare and to send students with good grades to medical school so we have enough doctors to treat them. Build more hospitals and put some folks to work in the construction field. It takes a genius to figure this out?

Joyce Cason,