Faith Column: Being there gives comfort in tough times

Recently I watched "Being There," an older movie with Peter Sellers. And although I did watch the movie, I never understood how the movie got its name. What does it mean to "be there" for someone? Let me share a couple examples.

I will always remember some very special trips I took with my dad as a little boy. When I grew up, my dad worked out of town quite often.

On some occasions, he would throw my bike on the back of his truck and take me to a job site! We would get to the job site, dad would hand me my bike, and I was off and running.

Of course, we had lunch together on those days, too. And although my dad was busy working all day, he was always there for me when I needed him to see what I was doing with my bike - riding fast and doing spinning tricks - yes, the time we spent together was invaluable.

Secondly, I can remember several years ago a young lady was dying and had been transferred to a Phoenix area. And although it was a long trip and certainly took me away from my duties in Kingman, I went to be with the family as they struggled by her bedside.

They knew they had to say their "good-byes," but no one really knew what to do beyond that. Although I didn't share any great wisdom while I was with them, I (and my wife, Wendy) stood by their side throughout the entire ordeal.

It was a time to just "be there."

Finally, I believe that God will always "be there" for us. Someone once said that developing confident trust in God's promises has nothing to do with our current circumstances (many of us are going through tough times). Trusting God, then, is "being assured" that God is with us in spite of what we see happening around us.

I'll see you in church, the grocery store, on Badger Trail, working out at the gym or around town.

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