No Taxation Without Representation

"No taxation without representation" began as a slogan in the period 1763–1776 that summarized a primary grievance of the British by the Thirteen Colonies.

In short, many of those colonies believed the lack of direct representation in the distant British Parliament was an illegal denial of their rights as Englishmen, and therefore laws taxing the colonists (the kind of law that affects the most individuals directly), and other laws applying only to the colonies, were unconstitutional (Wikipedia).

Consider the Butler area of Kingman and the New Kingman (Birdland) addition: When it comes to City elections, we are considered part of Mohave County. The area north of Gordon between Route 66 to Stockton Hill Road; to the Butler area north of Northern Avenue to Jagerson Avenue is considered part of the county. However, the city map shows that the residential homes north of Jagerson Avenue, including the industrial park and airport, are part of the city.

What about the people of Golden Valley? The only representation they get is from our county elected officials.

For the purpose of taxation, we are considered part of the city. We pay city taxes on electricity, Internet, cable television. and phone and cell-phone service. We pay city taxes at the pump when we fill our tanks with gas. We pay city taxes on the gas and electricity to cook with and to heat our homes. We pay city sales taxes at the local business we shop at, even retail tax.

To do business, we need a city license; even our dogs need a city dog tag license. The tax that supports Kingman Unified School District, we pay on our county property tax, but school board elections are held in the General Election (Where everyone can vote).

According to Nancy at the KUSD office, there were three vacancies this past year and no one put up signs "to get their name out there," and to bring to our attention that there was a school board election.

When it comes to fire department response, we're part of the county. The Sheriff's Office we rely on for protection has a minimum of five deputies on duty that cover this side of the county from the east county line at Interstate 40 to Griffith Road (an area Kingman considers part of the city), Golden Valley, to as far a Meadview, Dolan Springs and the Hoover Dam, and as far north as this side of the Grand Canyon, as far south as this side of Wickenberg; DPS provides support along I-40 and U.S. Highway 93.

For those living in the county who are taxed by the city, if we were given the right to vote it would add up to about and estimated 7,000+ additional votes (I used a 1.5 factor to come up with this figure since there are single-parent households, people who own double lots, and people who can't vote or won’t) that would be heard in the city elections, if the city would acknowledge our constitutional rights to vote – more votes speaking up for change.

Currently, we don't have a voice in selecting the city government or being informed of school board elections that represent us and our children.

Taxation without representation. Are our state-elected officials aware this is going on in their district today? Yes, they are. Are they doing anything about it? No. If you would read Title 16 - Elections and Electors (, you'll see that it does not cover individuals living in the city, serviced by the county and their rights to vote in the city elections. Our local county Planning and Zoning District 1 representatives are Earl Hamlyn (Chairman), Joe Bibich and Bill Abbott. Perhaps they can tell us why we are zoned county and considered living in the city for purposes of taxation.

How different would Kingman be today if the citizens of Butler, Birdland and Golden Valley had the opportunity to let our votes count in the city elections? Would we have the same mayor? Would we have the same City Council members? Would we have the same judges? Would we have the same city prosecutor? Would we have the same KUSD board members? Think about it.