City P&Z: Zoners tackle turbines Tuesday

Outdoor auto repairs also on agenda

KINGMAN - The Kingman Planning and Zoning Commission will consider only two items at its next meeting Tuesday evening, but both could have far-reaching implications if approved.

Both agenda items are text amendments to the city zoning ordinance. The first would alter the ordinance to allow auto repair businesses in the C-3 zoning district to conduct their operations outside an enclosed structure. Currently, with only a handful of exceptions such as gas stations and storage lots, all businesses in the C-3 zoning district must conduct all of their operations within an enclosed structure.

That restriction led city staff to prohibit one local auto repair business from erecting a vehicle hoist outside its business building, to which the owner objected, noting that a number of other auto repair shops have done the same thing in the past. Upon hearing the report of this incident at its Jan. 13 meeting, the P&Z Commission initiated the amendment, presenting three alternatives.

The first alternative would simply add auto repair businesses to the list of exceptions, leaving other C-3 businesses to continue following the ordinance. The second alternative would include language requiring all C-3 businesses to either operate entirely indoors or within an exterior opaque enclosure.

The third alternative would allow auto repair operations to work outside of an enclosed building, but would require each business to acquire a conditional use permit to do so.

The second text amendment on the agenda would alter the section of the ordinance concerning small wind energy systems. The amendment proposes three changes.

The first change would raise the maximum permitted wind turbine height from the height of the surrounding zoning district to 43 feet, to reflect the typical height of the SkyStream 3.7 model turbine the ordinance is based on. Towers up to 60 feet in height would still be allowed with a conditional use permit.

The amendment would also increase the minimum side and rear yard setbacks for turbines from 15 feet to 20 feet. It would also add a requirement that, should a turbine become inoperable, the property owner would be given 60 days in which to have it removed.

Commissioners will meet at 6 p.m. in the Council Chambers at 310 N. Fourth St. For full agenda details, visit and look under "Agendas and Minutes."