Thanks: Jennifer Perea & Rhonda Jantz

Thanks: Jennifer Perea & Rhonda Jantz

This is to recognize the efforts and results of Jennifer Perea and Rhonda Jantz, teachers at KAOL. Twenty-seven students were given the opportunity to attend the inauguration in Washington.

My great-granddaughter was one of these fortunate students, and the impact this had had, not only on the privileged students who went to this historic event, but sitting with Shay and surrounded by her 7-year-old and 4-year-old sisters, who were as enthusiastic as she, showing pictures, naming memorial sites and being at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and four of these students were chosen to place the wreath on the tomb during the ceremony.

The cold weather and enormous crowds did not hamper these students' spirits and what they brought back with them to share with all is priceless.

The planning took almost a year for these teachers and what a miraculous job they did for this historic event in all our lives. They deserve a very special thank you from all. What a rare privilege for our children to have such dedicated people in their lives!

A big thank you from us all.

Mickey Berryman, Kingman