Letter: KUSD cuts deserve closer look

As a concerned citizen, I read with dismay your front-page article entitled, "53 KUSD teachers will lose jobs soon."

I find it interesting that when school boards need additional taxpayer funding, it is always "for the children," but when it comes time for budget cuts, it is usually the children who are the first to suffer, not administrators or the upper levels of the educator hierarchy. The first red flag in this article is when Superintendent Roger Jacks said they would lay off only one district level administrator and 12.5 classified staff positions after cutting a whopping 53 teachers (up to 70 in two years).

My questions to Roger Jacks is this: how big is your administrative staff, the budget for your staff, and how many administrators could be laid off before you start cutting teaching positions? Also, what perks, if any, could you give up, and do the taxpayers provide a vehicle to take you to and from work? The same question goes for Pat Carlin, the board president, who according to the article, will, along with the school board I assume, have the final say in what positions are eliminated.

Our teachers are typically overworked and underpaid as it is, and I cannot think of a more important job than educating our children who are the future of this great country. You, Mr. Jacks, as a public servant, owe the people who pay your salary, the taxpayers, a detailed explanation before you go cutting back those who teach our children. You can blame our current budget woes on irresponsible spending at the state level, but the state has also issued a directive to superintendents just like you, Mr. Jacks, to look to cut at the administrative level first, before you lay off teachers.

I hope The Kingman Daily Miner does some good old-fashioned investigative journalism and looks into this issue, as education has always seemed to be a priority at The Miner, judging by all the front-page articles on this subject over the 22 years I have subscribed to this paper.

Gary Wetmore