Letter: Bus driver weighs in on snow day

Bus driver weighs in on snow day

I would hope that this letter would be the final one on the subject of the snow day/road condition situation KUSD faced Feb. 17. You see, I was the first driver who drove in to work to say to the heads of the transportation department. "I will not drive the bus today; I declare that conditions are not safe and we do not have the proper equipment." After I did so and clocked out, it is my understanding that many other drivers decided to refuse to drive also.

Under the law, I am the only one who can say yes or no, it is or is not safe. It is the license holder who is ultimately responsible. Should something happen if I decide to drive under unsafe conditions, it is I who will be held accountable.

In the larger view, I can decide to drive my own vehicle in such conditions. I could even decide to operate the school bus in that case. Those are my choices. But, I have no right under those conditions to put a child's safety at risk, knowing the extreme danger I would be placing them in, and neither does anyone else. For those who did, all I have to say is you are irresponsible at least and extremely dangerous in the worst end. Shame on you! It is my professional opinion that you should not be allowed to drive a school bus because of your lack of good judgment and your depraved indifference for the safety of those entrusted to your care.

In closing, I would offer that I have been a professional driver off and on for 30 years, and having grown up and lived in Sacramento, Calif., I would drive in the winter conditions over the Sierra Nevada Mountains an average of 10 times a winter. My experiences in doing so made me highly qualified to determine the safety of the road conditions last Tuesday.

Ace Smithart, Golden Valley