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12:01 AM Thu, Oct. 18th

Bigger is not always better

In talking with my dad the other day, I made the comment that Wendy and I would have to trade our car for a new one some day soon. I then comforted myself by reminding my dad that we had just put new tires on the car.

As we further analyzed the details of the new tires, I said something like, "Yeah each tire was about $80." To which my dad replied, "Well, for 80 bucks you should be able to get a pretty good tire!" I agreed because I have grown up in a world of "Super-size it."

I'm another product of Western capitalism - the bigger the better! And although we have found exceptions to the rule, you know how it goes: "If it's going to be good, it has to be expensive!"

In the midst of our travels in Israel, Wendy and I stayed in what we would regard as a hotel/resort on the Sea of Galilee. After a couple days at this place, I decided I wanted to buy one of their hotel hand towels - I thought it was cool because it had the name of the hotel embroidered in Hebrew. So I went to the front desk where I was elated to learn that they would sell me a towel for $4.35. I began to count out the money in Hebrew coins - trying to remember which coin was a dollar, which coin was equal to ten cents, and which coin was equal to a penny - it was then that the lady behind the counter took 4 of the smallest coins, and then 3 larger coins, and then 5 of the largest coins out of my hand. And in the midst of my counting confusion, she smiled and said to me, "The biggest coins are pennies, and the smallest are like your U.S. dollar. In Israel, smaller is bigger!" No wonder I was confused!

Finally, I think it's safe to say that "bigger has to be better!" is, generally, a mindset of many Americans today. God doesn't operate that way, though. God takes the smallest and the least and lifts them up. God seeks out the lost, lonely and the least and makes them feel loved and important.

I think in God's eyes even the tiniest acts of kindness and compassion are the very most significant! Many of us think we have the Kingdom of God figured out. I believe God's Kingdom is right under our noses! And while you are looking for the Kingdom of God, remember that "smaller is bigger!"

I'll see you in church, the grocery store, working out at the gym or around town.

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