Correction for January 13, 2009 "Green Power Fails to Generate Savings"

In the Jan. 13 article "Green power fails to generate savings," turbine vendor Scott Travis was wrongly quoted from an April article saying, "The normal house uses approximately 3,000 kilowatts a month. The (Skystream 3.7 wind turbine) will produce approximately 1,000 to 1,200 kilowatts a month at eight mile per hour winds." Travis has since said the average home in Kingman actually uses about 1,500 kW a month, and the Web site of the Skystream manufacturer, Southwest Windpower, says the turbine produces only 400 kW based on 12 mph winds per month. Additionally, Travis had said the Skystream could produce between 30 and 85 percent of Dr. John Lingenfelter's power needs if his power bill showed him to be in the 1,500 kW range of monthly usage. At the time, Travis was quoting literature produced by Southwest Windpower, and the percentages were not actually based on Lingenfelter's power usage, which is higher than average.