Letter: Kingman's prices are higher than in other places

As new residents to the Kingman (Golden Valley) area, we have done a lot of looking as to where we spend money. I am finding that most goods and services in Kingman are higher than I expected. For example, in April before we made the move, I went to the local car dealer for an oil change which cost me more than $34. In Florida, that oil change cost me about $24.

After moving to GV, I again needed to go to the car dealer for a estimate for work to continue my warranty. The work was priced out to me at more than $950 - pretty expensive. The next week we went to Lancaster, Calif., for a visit, and while there I decided to check with the local dealer, and what a shock to find that the same exact work would cost me $636.99, again about one-third less than Kingman. Guess where I got the work done?

We all, or at least most of the area residents, shop at Wal-Mart. One over-the-counter medicine I purchase is selling for about $14.84 at the Kingman Wal-Mart. It sells for about $12.50 at the Lancaster Wal-Mart. We have found that things we purchase here are somewhat higher than in other stores.

Of course, we have to do some grocery shopping in Kingman, but not as much as we should. We make a shopping list, and when we have a good-size list, we go to Lancaster and do our shopping at the local Winco store where we can purchase most everything we need at more than one-third less than Kingman grocery stores.

I like to eat out fairly regularly, and again I find that meals in the local restaurants are overpriced for what you get. I like Mexican food a lot, but what I have had here tastes like it came out of a can, not homemade as I expected for this area, and their hot sauce is really very poor.

We all know that we are paying a lot more for gasoline than the rest of the state, except for a few areas, and again I paid less in California.

I believe in supporting our local business people and establishments, but not to the tune of one-third or more in cost. We should let the local business people know that we know they are overcharging us and that when we leave the area to go to Phoenix, Prescott or even California, we will purchase whatever we can so we will not be putting our money in their cash registers and we will keep the money in our pockets.

Glenn E. Angle