Letter: Judgement Day is coming

On election night as the presidential results were given, I went out to lower my American flag to half-mast. There will be changes, and we now can only pray that they will be for the betterment of our nation.

We can now expect to see a shift toward such liberalism that will break the heart of God. We will now see an onslaught of the homosexual agenda in our schools and everyday life. Raised taxes will become an everyday concern. Abortion on demand will make our God of this nation turn his face away even though it was once founded on the foundations and precepts of the Bible. Is it any wonder that the Muslim nations call us The Great Satan as they now see the sinfulness and perversions we now allow?

Ladies and gentlemen, God will use the very Muslim nations to bring judgment on our land. Our only hope is found in Second Chronicles, "If My people will humble themselves and turn from their wicked ways" then He promises that He will heal our land. God help us.

Martin Badura, Kingman