If you think it's all about you, you need to get a grip

I suppose we've all heard of "tunnel vision." Tunnel vision is when one can only see and understand a very small aspect of any part of life - be it family, friends, marriage, work life, community, church - it really doesn't matter.

Tunnel vision is also referred to when we can only see and understand something in life specific to us only. This kind of tunnel vision, of course, is very effective at alienating people from the one who can only see (or wants to see) how the circumstances of any given situation affect them. This tunnel vision "condition" I think has prompted the commercial world to do things like make T-shirts and sweatshirts that say on the front, "It's all about me!" Contrary to popular belief, it's really not "about you!"

I have a friend who has a sweatshirt like the one named above. I find it interesting that he wears the shirt honestly. Although he really is an intelligent and enjoyable guy in many ways, virtually every conversation about anything that I have with him gets back to what he did, what he believes, his personal accomplishments, and how it all (whatever it is) affects him.

For my friend, life truly is "all about me (him)!" I'm certain that you know someone like this. In fact, I have been accused of this kind of self-centered behavior, and it's been painful to admit that I find myself with this kind of tunnel vision.

What do we do when we either 1) encounter a person with the "it's all about me" complex, or 2) we find ourselves behaving like this?

I'm certainly no sage when it comes to wise solutions for life's problems, but I do know that having a lot of loving patience comes in handy when you encounter one who believes "it's all about me!"

On the other hand, if I'm the one who's spouting off about how the world needs to serve me and my needs, I need to get a grip on what I call "the big picture."

Being able to see and understand "the big picture" always reminds me just how small I am in the scope of things!

Finally, wherever we find ourselves in this tunnel vision condition, remember that we are deeply loved by God!

I'll see you in church, the grocery store, working out at the gym or around town.