Thanks: Neighborhood Watch

On Jan. 6, a 10-year-old girl who lives in Rancho Santa Fe III went missing. The area is posted as a Neighborhood Watch area. When it became apparent she was missing, the Neighborhood Watch coordinator called and e-mailed the block captains who in turn called the neighbors on their block to alert them of the missing girl. The neighbors were asked to turn on their porch lights and assist as needed.

Within minutes, neighbors had gathered and began searching by truck, terrain vehicles, door to door, with some checking areas around houses with flashlights. Kingman Police Department was involved along with the Department of Public Safety helicopter and DPS officers.

One of the DPS officers stated he had never before seen such a large and rapid response by a neighborhood. The turnout to help search is a true indication the Neighborhood Watch program works. Our community bought into this program and it has worked on other occasions. Holding neighborhood potlucks to discuss the Neighborhood Watch program and meet other neighbors has definitely paid off. We are a much safer neighborhood because of Neighborhood Watch and neighbors who care. A special thanks to our Neighborhood Watch coordinator, block captains and neighbors who came out immediately to help search and to those who turned on their lights. The girl was found safe and is home with her family.

Shirley A. Judd, Kingman