Treasurer's chief deputy to leave at end of week

KINGMAN - Another chief deputy is leaving the Mohave County Treasurer's Office. Cindy Cox will leave the County Treasurer's Office Friday.

Cox said she received a pink slip shortly after County Treasurer Melissa Havatone was sworn into office on Jan. 5.

Havatone did not respond to repeated phone calls and messages from the Miner for this story.

"I asked her why and was told that 'our management styles were too different,'" Cox said.

Cox is the second deputy to leave the office. Janet Barker left in July after Havatone filed a harassment grievance against her.

Former Treasurer Lee Fabrizio promoted Cox into the chief deputy position after Barker left. Havatone was elected to office in November, after defeating Fabrizio in the election.

Cox asked Havatone if she had failed to act in a professional manner. Havatone allegedly refused to answer the question. Havatone has requested that the Board of Supervisors approve Vickie Oliver as the new chief deputy during its Feb. 2 meeting.

Having Oliver as a chief deputy concerns Cox.

Havatone had Cox look at Oliver's resume for a different position in the department. "She's had some classes (in accounting), but no formal education," Cox said.

Havatone also does not have a formal education, she said. Having two people running the Treasurer's Office without any formal education in accounting or investment strategy worries Cox as a taxpayer.

Fabrizio did not have a degree in accounting or investment strategy either. Arizona Revised Statutes do not require a county treasurer to have any formal degree or education in order to hold the office.