Letter: Just exercising my 1st Amendment

I wanted to address comments that have been spoken publicly and also the responses that have appeared on the Miner Web site about the contents of my recent commentary, "Revitalization Takes All Of Us."

The medium I have chosen to address the aforementioned concerns by readers and others in general is a letter to the editor because I would like to reach all of the Miner readers, both the electronic readers and the ones who purchase the newspaper.

My articles are only my views of events, subjects and things. No one tells me what to write, however, some people have suggested subjects in the past. I do not receive any compensation for my writing of the articles and I'm not an employee of the Kingman Daily Miner or any other publication. I'm just an old retired United States Marine who probably has too much time on his hands and can be a little opinionated occasionally.

I normally take a lot of time to research and write an article. Once it is completed, I submit them to the Miner and possibly other publications for consideration as all other non-employees do. It is up to the Miner and other newspaper staffs to decide if my articles are to be published and where they will be placed in the newspaper. It's a shame that more people don't exercise their First Amendment rights and express themselves as to their views of what is occurring and suggesting various changes that could be made to improve our quality of life.

I want to make it clear that when I mentioned certain stores attempting to pass themselves off as antiques shops in my most recent Miner commentary, I wasn't grouping all stores in the old downtown area dealing with used items into that category. As an example, House Of Vintage, Bubbees Goodz, Kettle Huts, Time Was Antiques and My Father's Antiques are very nice old downtown stores that carry a wide variety of older items and antiques for sale.

As for the two coffee shops, Beale Street Brews and Oak Street Haven, I haven't had an opportunity to visit their establishments. The same goes for The Cellar Door, another business I haven't visited yet, in addition to various other businesses located in old downtown. But I will take the time and effort to visit them in the near future so I can see first-hand what they have to offer local residents and tourists who decide to trek around old downtown Kingman.

I didn't say that all businesses were not tourist-oriented and are not the kinds of places they want to patronize. What I did attempt to relay is, "If we all work together for the good of the cause, the revitalization of old downtown Kingman and surrounding areas of northern Mohave County, then and only then, can we be proud of our accomplishments, our progress and what is offered here."

I think the major point of my commentary was to inspire individuals and business owners to start thinking about what they can do to make local residents and tourists want to visit old downtown. If I offended someone and possibly hurt their feelings, I ask that they please accept my apology.

However, if I mentioned something that needs to be addressed and corrected in old downtown, "jump on the band wagon" and help be part of the driving force behind causing a change and repair if that is what is needed.

Butch Meriwether

Golden Valley