Letter: Litterers should be held accountable

Whenever I drive around the city, I lament over the fact that there is so little pride in the appearance of the city we call home: Weeds growing wild on every vacant lot whose only purpose is to catch the paper and plastic bags that are so carelessly left for the wind to carry on; landscaping full of weeds and not manicured as if they were put there to take care of themselves.

My hat goes off to the dedicated volunteers and organizations that year after year provide cleanup services free of charge only to be asked to clean the mess up again. My cousin, now a retired airline pilot, told me of how beautiful and clean some of the Asian cities were because the citizens were held accountable if they littered. Then, Bill O'Reilly spoke about his vacation in Sweden and how clean it was.

As the city grows, I see more and more landscape services blowing the grass and trash from private property onto the city streets where it can be cleaned up by city employees to whom we pay a high price to clean up after irresponsible people like they do in socialist countries. I am reminded of an incident when I observed a teenager walking out of a large shopping mall. He walked past the trash container then threw the wrapping of whatever he had on the parking lot. I asked him why he did that and he told me it was because the mall paid people to clean up the trash.

My question is this, are we conditioning the minds of our citizens to be litterers by cleaning up behind them and not holding them accountable? I know there are a lot of people in Kingman who are against higher taxes and more responsible government spending. I think I would be safe in saying that most people would rather see our tax dollars being given to law enforcement to keep us safe rather than to street cleaners who enable those who just haven't learned to be responsible citizens.

Dan Jones