College Corner: Friday, June 5, 2009

KINGMAN - Ten students on the four campuses of Mohave Community College have been chosen for inclusion in the National Adult Education Honor Society for the 2008-09 school year. The honorees are Lucie Marie Fullmer from Neal Campus in Kingman; Marisa Rivera, Robert Cormier and Nicole Kovach from the Lake Havasu City campus; Christa Rocha, Maria Lopez, Josey King and Jo C. Teng on the Henry Campus in Bullhead City; and David Hulet and Sharon Hulet on the North Mohave Campus in Colorado City. The students are in general equivalency diploma and adult basic education classes at MCC and were chosen based on grades, work ethic, class participation and their ability to work with others.

KINGMAN - As a cost-saving measure, many university students are transferring back to their hometown community colleges, which can deliver the same classes at a fraction of the cost. "Currently, students who attend MCC save more than $6,000 each year in tuition alone; and for 2009-1010 the state universities are raising tuition as much as 14 percent," said Michael Kearns, Mohave Community College chancellor. "When students attend MCC instead of going off to a university, they also save on transportation, housing and meals, and the student will be in a smaller class environment, where personal attention and help is always available.