Local television still analog - for now

Channel-by-channel switchover here will begin in July

KINGMAN - The much-heralded digital television conversion has come and gone, but analog signals will continue to air in Kingman for at least another month.

While each of the nation's 1,800 major broadcast stations was mandated to make the analog-to-digital switch by June 12, the local signal translators in Mohave County have been allowed to continue converting digital signals back into analog for the convenience of county residents.

According to Yvonne Orr, assistant to Mohave County's manager Ron Walker, the analog signals will last through July, when the county plans to begin permanently converting one local channel at a time to minimize the disruption for unprepared households.

The changeover only applies to network broadcasts for older analog television sets, meaning anyone who receives their signal through an antenna is required to purchase a digital converter box in order to continue watching television.

Cable or satellite customers, however, are not required to do so, nor are households who own a newer television with a built-in digital tuner.

If you own an analog television and have not yet purchased a digital converter box, you can request up to two coupons worth $40 each to do so through the government's Converter Box Coupon Program. The program is accepting requests through July 31 and is accessible online at https://www.dtv2009.gov/. Households that have already requested a coupon can also check the status of their application there, as well.

For more information on the DTV transition, or to learn how to set up and tune your own converter box, visit http://www.dtv.gov/ or call (888) 255-5322.