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7:30 AM Tue, Jan. 22nd

Letter: Obama needs a history lesson

I am not sure how to start this in a manner that will not turn off the extremes on either side (right or left). But here goes!

As children going through school, they teach us history in order to try to keep us from repeating the things that failed or put the country and our freedom in jeopardy, and to use methods that were successful as a mode when facing the same basic problems.

Unfortunately, our government, both Democrats and Republicans, have failed history. In the late 1970s and early '80s, we faced some of the same problems we are facing today and some even worse. Under President Carter, unemployment was 10 percent, inflation was 12 percent and the interest rate was 21 percent. The tax rate for the top 2 percent of the income bracket was 70 percent. When Reagan came into office, he reduced taxes on income, capital gains and dividends, and the economy recovered.

I ask that anyone who reads this article to do some research to verify the facts rather than attacking the messenger. This problem was caused by both parties of our government. President Bush spent way too much money on his watch. This is true. However, when he saw problems arising in the housing market in 2003, he asked the Congress to regulate them. This can be verified by congressional records and by reviewing the C-SPAN tapes of the year 2003.

In meetings held on the president's request, you will see Congressman Barney Frank (chairman of the Finance/Banking committee) and Congresswoman Maxine Watters laugh and say there was no reason to regulate Freddie Mac or Fanny Mae. And in the Senate, Sen. Chris Dodd (chairman of the House committee) led the way to keep the president's request from coming to a vote.

May I point out that Frank, and at that time, Sen. Obama, received large campaign contributions from Freddie and Fanny. In addition, Dodd received a mortgage loan at an interest rate not available to anyone with even pristine credit. It was also Dodd who stated that he knew nothing about the addition to the stimulus package guaranteeing the bonus to AIG and later admitted he personally had put it in the stimulus bill at the request of the Treasury. Again, Bush failed us by not getting on the airways and getting irate about the lack of action by the Congress.

As we learned in our civics lessons, Congress has the responsibility to regulate and write bills, but they have relinquished this responsibility to the president. Sure, they are writing the budget and bills, but they are blindly doing as the president asks and requiring the House and Senate to vote on them without giving them time to read or debate the merit of what they were asked to vote on.

He is President Obama, not King Obama, and Congress is supposed to look out after our best interest and not give away our right as an individual or as a nation. So far, this president has requested, and been granted by this Congress, more money in his first 90 days in office than the first 43 presidents combined for their entire time in office. This debt will cause a 20-year old individual to pay $109,000 more in taxes in his lifetime just to pay the interest on this budget and still have the deficit.

I think we would have been better off doing nothing than doing what they have done. Again, history has proven this is a fact. Bush started this, but now it is being exacerbated by Obama. The Chicken Littles of the world will cry that the sky is falling to scare the heck out of you. And there is a percentage of you who will hide and wait for the Messiah to save you. Let's hope there is something left to save.

On April 15 when I got off work and got to Locomotive Park at approximately 5:45 p.m., I was surprised to see only 45 or 50 people there. Being that I got there late, many people may have come and gone. Some people driving by honked as if to give support for the cause, but that is not going to get the job done! The tax-and-spend mode of the government is not a Republican or Democrat problem. It is a problem that will affect every citizen. Obama's reaction to the tea party demonstrations held across the country is that he hadn't heard about them. Come on! He is not that stupid! At least I don't think he his!

But isn't it ironic that the day after the tea parties, he announced that he has instructed the Treasury to cut taxes on 50 percent of the people. Forty percent of these people already either pay no income taxes or get all of their money back. I can already hear someone on the left crying out that they pay payroll taxes (you know the money they take out of your check without giving a choice for Social Security then have the gall to call an entitlement). Yes, we all pay payroll taxes, then we pay income taxes. Obama has instructed the Treasury to pay the 40 percent what I would call a welfare check.

The scary thing is that after he gives immunity to the illegal immigrants to boost the Democrat voters, and he gets re-elected, the definition of wealthy will be anyone who is not in the food stamp line. In order to balance the budget, everyone who is working will pay higher taxes. As a true conservative person, I would like to echo the words I saw on a sign: "I will cling to my Religion, my guns and keep my own money. You can keep the CHANGE!"

Pat Gravener