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1:16 AM Sat, Feb. 16th

Letter: With liberty and justice for all

In response to Mr. Don Martin's article, "Here's why we hunt coyotes," dated March 4:

Apparently, Mr. Martin thinks he provides great or even good arguments for the killing of coyotes. Well, in my opinion, his arguments are hollow and void of reason. Killing the coyote to protect the antelope, which Mr. Martin in turn kills ... for the sport of it?

He says nothing about why the coyote should not kill the antelope or what they should be "allowed" to eat. So, he kills the coyote because the coyote kills his sport? So, Mr. Martin, don't give us this emotional stuff about protecting the "fawn."

Then, Mr. Martin says, "you will never eliminate them." I seem to remember something to that effect being said about the buffalo. And it took an act of Congress to help save a remnant of the buffalo from slaughter. Didn't that come up in his "research?"

He says this hunt isn't going to solve the problem, so what is the objective? I guess he just wants to kill something that can't kill him. I am not against hunting for food, but it offends my sense of justice to kill something for the "sport" of it, or because it is killing something you want to kill.

In his own words, he says that coyotes "kill for a living." Can he say the same thing about his killing?

In Mr. Martin's Internet "research," he states that coyotes "became aggressive" after being drawn into urban areas by being fed and watered. Is it the feeding and watering that make them aggressive? He states that he has received a number (one or 20?) of phone calls about missing cats and dogs. It just seems odd to me that people would call the president of the Mohave Sportsman Club when "Fifi" goes missing.

Then he goes on to state the worst-case scenario, the attack of human beings, by giving us a few figures he found on the Internet: 48 attacks in California over a five-year period, that's about one per month over 155,959 square miles; eight in Colorado over a six-year period, that's one every nine months over 103,717 square miles; seven in our state of Arizona over a four-year period, that's one every seven months over 113,635 square miles. Then he throws in some Eastern states for good measure. Does he plan to kill coyotes in those states as well?

Mr. Martin vaguely alludes to what California might be allowing. What does California's way of doing things have to do with the way us Arizonians should do things? Not a damn thing as far as I'm concerned.

He also mentions that "most people in Kingman will continue to feed and water them." Is he implying that more then 50 percent of the people in Kingman feed and water coyotes? That's ridicules.

Now, I'm not suggesting that the loss of even one human to coyote predation is acceptable, but perhaps, Mr. Martin, former president of the Mohave Sportsman Club, instead of killing coyotes, we should educate humans on how to live in coyote territory. Or maybe, Mr. Martin thinks that when there is a conflict of interest, "killing" is the solution.

So the next time, Mr. Martin, you want to justify your killing, use some better reasoning and try not to play on our emotions.

And just one more thing, Mr. Martin, the yelp and howl of the coyote is a romantic part of the Old West. No, Mr. Martin, I did not kill any coyotes last weekend nor will I any other weekend, and I hope I don't see you doing it near me.

Richard Cook II