Passover Seder April 12 at Heidenreich

KINGMAN - Congregation Or Midbar, the only reform Jewish congregation in Kingman, will be holding a Passover Seder to commemorate the annual observance of Passover at the Heidenreich Center, 1776 Airway Ave., at 2 p.m. April 12.

Though this Passover Seder is primarily for those of the Jewish faith, it is open to the community. There will be a charge of $10 a person or $25 per family.

Those who would like to contribute food for their participation should call (928) 753-5254 and someone will call back to make arrangements. Reservations in advance are necessary as the number of attendees will be limited.

The Seder is when the story of the Exodus is recanted by the reading of the Haggadah, a book which has been used for centuries to tell the story of Jews leaving Egypt to escape the Pharaoh. Children participate in the Seder by asking of the traditional four questions to the leader of the Seder.

A special Haggadah written by the Or Midbar Congregation shall be used to provide the answers to the questions. The service culminates in song, where all join in to sing traditional Hebrew melodies commemorating Passover.

Judaism is steeped in tradition for many holidays, but Passover seems to be one where all Jews fondly remember family and Seder. Passover celebrations are a time of remembrance. The Seders of years ago seem to remain strong in the memories of those who attended them.