City to look at annexation at Rattlesnake

Council members will meet with property owners today

KINGMAN - The Kingman City Council will hold a work session today to discuss the Rattlesnake Wash traffic interchange, as well as the annexation of land in the project's vicinity.

Council members are expected to meet with area property owners to discuss possible funding mechanisms for the city's $10.7 million share of the project's $36 million first phase.

Discussions will also cover expected development timelines for the interchange, as well as timelines for the annexation of approximately 800 acres of undeveloped land to the north and northeast of the project site.

Council voted 5-0 Feb. 17 to initiate the annexation process, which gives the city one year to collect signatures from at least 51 percent of the 32 area landowners.

Those signatures must also represent at least 51 percent of the total assessed valuation of the property.

According to principal city planner Tom Duranceau, the city has managed to collect 13 signatures since then, falling just four short of 17 needed. Those signatures represent only about 16 percent of the total land valuation, however.

"The biggest signature I've got right now represents three percent," Duranceau said Monday afternoon.

"We need more people to sign that have higher values." Duranceau noted that individual ownership ranges from as little as .46 percent of the property to as much as 15.4 percent. If just a few of those larger property holders signed the petition for annexation, the city could meet its numeric and valuation requirements.

"There's two entities that have a large number of parcels collectively there," Duranceau said. "If I got one signature, (the total valuation) could be doubled."