Letters of Thanks: Monday, May 4, 2009

I would like to express the most sincere gratitude for the help and comfort my family received during the final month of life of my father, Milton Willett.

The staff at New Hope Hospice was amazing in the compassion they showed toward my dad, my mother and myself. More specifically, I would like to thank Dr. Sharaf, Lenora, Tena, Maria, Annette, Kit, Linda, Christina and Desi for the assistance given to us. My apologies if I misspelled any of your names. I would also like to thank Christine Linert for recommending such a great group of people, and for caring for my father before Hospice care became necessary.

I greatly appreciate the care taken when my father's body was picked up by Kevin Lane and Jack Hamilton of Lake Havasu Mortuary, and I am grateful for the opportunity my father was given to further medical science after his passing by the Biological Resource Center of Phoenix.

Thank you to all of you for making Milt's transition from this life as comfortable as it could be, for not only him, but for his family as well. You will be in our hearts forever for the kindness you have shown.

If we forgot anyone, our thanks to you also, and needless to say to all our good neighbors and friends.

The Willett Family


The students and staff of White Cliffs Middle School would like to recognize and say "Thank You!" to the following businesses and clubs that donated to our AIMS drive:

Brenden Theater; Coca-Cola; Downtown Merchants Association; Eagles; Fergie's; Hargis' Clean Sweep; In-N-Out; Jack in the Box; KRMC; Maurice's; Ocean Avenue; Papa Murphy's; Safeway South; Soroptimist; Scissor Hands (Ashley); Aquarius; Harrah's; Pioneer; Riverside; Staples; Garnet Taxes; and The Cellar Door.

With your generous donations, we were able to offer students nutritional snacks and hydration during testing as well as reward the efforts that our students and staff make every day in order to prepare for testing through daily prize drawings.

As a direct result of your generosity, we tested 100 percent of the students attending White Cliffs Middle School and the prizes were a big hit with both students and staff!

Guidance Counselor Kim Robbins and

Assistant Principal Debra Warren,

White Cliffs Middle School

Even though the economy is in the "pits," many people still have big hearts when there is a need. This is so encouraging as people still want to help whether they are poor, middle class or above.

On March 29, the Kingman Daily Miner printed out letter about our grandson, Corey Bolander. We were having a "College Fundraiser" to help him out until he graduates from UTI (automotive school). He was laid off from his part-time job and is still going to this school.

There were many people who read the Miner that day and saw this article. We received many calls. Several people dropped off items for us to sell, some items we picked up in our van, and a couple of people said they have trucks and offered assistance. God blessed us with donations and the whole fundraiser by sending lots of people to our sale despite the 48 mph winds, which occurred that Friday.

We ran the fundraiser on two weekends and it was a success. Thank you to all of you who donated. Thank you to all who came and brought something too!

The items remaining from this fundraiser will go to another good cause. We are having a garage sale for our church's "Nursing Home Ministry" on May 8 and 9 at a different location. Be sure to watch for our ad in the paper for this garage sale.

God is awesome and so is Kingman!

Leonard and Gloria Thompson


The Eagles Hualapai Aeries 3744 of Kingman flew higher than ever recently during an auction held for the Jimmy Durante Abused Children's Fund.

This event was opened to the general public and was a great success. The Eagles rounded up donations from members including a horse saddle, covered wagon, miniature antique wrought-iron cook stove, jewelry, electronics, pottery and much, much more, raising a record amount of money for this national charity. That's not all; this event included a cake walk and raffles for wonderful prizes.

As the Eagle's worthy president states: "Not a dime of the contributions to the Jimmy Durante Children's Fund or the abused children's project goes to expenses of any kind. One hundred percent of all money is used for grants to child-helping establishments with nothing taken out for overhead expenses, campaign costs, salaries, etc."

The unique thing about the Jimmy Durante Children's Fund grants is that nearly dollar-for-dollar all money raised in the state is returned to that state in the form of grants to children-helping organizations.

The Hualapai Eagles Aeries 3744 and Auxiliary wants to thank everyone who participated in this wonderful event for their generous donations and hard work. It was definitely a "People Helping People" experience in which fun was had by all.

Hualapai Eagles Aerie 3744 and Auxiliary