Sports Column: When she was needed, Fogg stepped up

When people do the right thing and the courageous thing in an act of selflessness of which I'm a witness, it's my responsibility to let the Miner's readers know about it. As I write this, I am giving a standing ovation (quite the trick, I know).

Kingman High's softball coach for the past six seasons, Salina Fogg, officially told me May 14 she was resigning. It was a struggle for Fogg to find success on the playing field, and the Bulldogs' record over the past four years was 34-70. During our conversation, Fogg told me "the record speaks for itself."

I was floored when Fogg said those words to me. It was a great act of maturity for her to utter those words and accept responsibility. So many today run away when it's time to pay the piper, but Fogg opened her wallet. Fogg impressed me that day and I'm sure she'll continue to do so in the future. Fogg didn't man up, she woman-upped.

I've covered KHS softball the past two seasons and I'm thoroughly convinced Fogg had the right intentions. I don't believe Fogg coached the Bulldogs to benefit her own ego. She simply wanted the Bulldogs to win and put KHS on the Arizona softball map. She will always be a Bulldog and that needs to be appreciated.

Just like any other coach out there, I'm sure Fogg was loved by some of her players and not so loved by others. I hope, however, that all can respect her for what she did for them. Fogg was very proactive at making sure the local paper recognized her players. It was never a problem for me to get a story about the Bulldogs out of Fogg, even when she didn't really want to give it to me.

She showed me early on her kids were important to her and that sentiment carried through to the end. Fogg had other reasons for leaving the coaching position and one of those was so she could spend more time focusing on the kids in her classroom. Kids are still important to Fogg, and those parents whose kids are in her classes can rest assured about Fogg's care for them.

It's easy to be disappointed with the softball team's results, but the biggest disappointment is not having been able to witness Fogg's joy had they been successful. Had the Bulldogs' record been reversed at 70-34, it would have been a lot of fun watching Fogg exhibit her glee. She was still enthusiastic despite the struggles.

Fogg said she wishes whoever takes the job some amazing luck. She said this with all sincerity. The day will come when KHS softball will cause other teams in Arizona to mutter about playing Kingman and not just because of the travel. When that happens, here is something I can guarantee.

Salina Fogg will be there leading the cheers.