Letter: We must learn to share the road

This is in response to Joann Brown: We shouldn't ban bicycles from the road due to a few careless riders. If we did, then we should ban vehicles due to inattentive drivers. My 45-year old nephew was on one of his 10-mile rides when a driver swerved across the fog line and killed him. The driver was adjusting his radio when he swerved. He was found to be totally at fault.

Joann, as a child or teen, you probably rode your bike in the street. Now that you are a driver, you think the road should belong to you and other drivers only?

It would be nice if there was a special lane for bicycles. Sidewalks aren't the answer. They are for pedestrians, and in many places, it is against the law to ride your bike on them.

The bicycle was here before the car. The road belongs to bicycles, cars, trucks, motorcycles and even horse and buggies. All of us must learn to share the road and be attentive while doing so.

Gerald Pincikowski