Letter of Thanks: To KRMC, from the Rose Family

We would like to thank KRMC for its generosity towards the Buchanan and Gentry families. KRMC donated money to buy 1,000 rubber bracelets inscribed with Allissa's and Raina's names. Members of the swim team, swim parents, and a few Wellness Center employees are selling the bracelets for $5 each, and we have been doing great so far. Because of KRMC's donation, we have the opportunity to raise $5,000 for the families.

Not only are these bracelets a fundraiser, they are also a small way to remember Allissa and show your support. We also want to thank everyone in the community who has bought bracelets or donated to Allissa's and Raina's families. The car accident was a horrible tragedy, and it is heartwarming to see so many people, even people who didn't know the girls, supporting these families.

The Rose Family