Letter of Thanks: To Team of Tumbleweed Cleaners, from Grateful Kingman Resident

Several weeks ago I wrote a letter to Mohave County Supervisor Gary Watson, a copy of which I forwarded to the Kingman Daily Miner. I was complaining about a subdivision that had been let go and now was awash in tumbleweeds.

Talk about action! Mr. Watson let me know that the county does not have a weed abatement program, but he knew I had a legitimate concern. He said he would contact some people who might be able to take care of the tumbleweeds and consequent trash. Before my letter could be published I was contacted by Daniel Swaine, president of Knights of the Patriot, and Sherry White of The Hometown Crier. Both said they would see what they could do about this situation. Mr. Swaine then contacted the Northern Arizona Consolidated Fire Department to see about burning the tumbleweeds they would gather. He contacted Dr. John Lingenfelter about using a portion of his property to burn the weeds.

On Oct. 9, with everyone cooperating on this huge venture - the KOTP group with their "army" of men, women and children began this monumental task. Within two hours the corner of Thompson Ave. and Norrie Street looked like a completely different area. The work went on for hours, all to the benefit of our neighborhood.

We are deeply grateful to all these wonderful people. They demonstrated that when a community comes together they can work wonders. Thank you so very much.

Audrey J. Moore