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10:37 AM Fri, Dec. 14th

Faith Column: Kingdom of God thrives with or without us

We were discussing God's faithfulness the other day. We were looking at the story of the growing seed as seen in the Gospel of Mark.

We were puzzled by Mark's comment that the seed grows "all by itself," and we wondered just what that might mean. Does any seed actually grow all by itself?

In the midst of our musings and meanderings, one gentleman spoke up and shared a personal, yet very familiar story. It turned out he was speaking for many of us in the room. His story, our story, maybe your story, goes something like this:

"I was raised in the church - went to Sunday school classes, attended worship and vacation Bible school; I did all the church things as a kid.

"As I grew up and got married and had a family, I got too busy for the church, so I drifted away from church. Later in life, I realized that I could not do things on my own anymore. I needed someone to help me. I needed a savior. I turned back to God looking for help, guidance, protection and comfort, and God was right there, waiting for me the whole time. Yes, God is faithful!"

It seems to me that if we're honest with ourselves, we realize that God's power and presence is under our noses, whether we know it or not. And that the Kingdom of God grows and thrives with or without us.

Although I certainly believe that God blesses our faithfulness to Him, I also believe that God's faithfulness to us does not depend on our faithfulness to God.

God is good all the time. And all the time, God is faithful.