Letter: We need this biodiesel plant

I am sorry Mr. Ken Van Der Sloot has such a negative opinion about an important thing as the future of Kingman. I'm sure living in Valle Vista you have a beautiful home and good pension. Why deny the same thing to our younger families. I remember when they were planning to build Interstate 40 and bypass Kingman, but thanks to Mr. McCarty, he had the foresight to get I-40 to run through Kingman and made it the beautiful city I am proud of.

I think it is better to have a biodiesel plant with all these safety features than to have someone in the neighborhood cooking meth. The area around Valle Vista is not an agriculture area as you say, only a high desert that is perfectly suitable for the biodiesel plant. The tax revenue from this plant would be enormous compared to what it is now. We desperately need that revenue. These are my thoughts about the future of Kingman and the welfare of our young families who need this employment.

Hank Fedrigon