Letter: People fear the unknown

Here I am again with a message to all of you who have so venomously voiced your hatred for President Obama. Unless you believe that there are at least 60 Democrats in the House and Senate who are Nazis, who want to turn our country into a Socialist nation, who endorse death panels and euthanasia, and who want to ration our healthcare, there is no way that any of these things could ever come about, even if they were true.

President Obama cannot single-handedly change our way of life, or disband our freedom. It takes 60 votes to pass any bill, so what makes you think that such preposterous bills could ever get passed? Common sense should tell you that it would be impossible. If the Washington Republicans actually believed all the lies they've been spinning about President Obama, I would think that they would have started impeachment proceedings against him by now. Obviously, what they are saying is not true or President Obama would be on trial.

Hillary and President Clinton tried to pass a heathcare reform bill in the 1990s. Granted, they were not successful. But no one accused the Clintons of being Nazis, and no one compared President Clinton to Hitler. They were not accused of trying to turn our nation into a socialized country, or accused of promoting death panels or euthanasia for the elderly. They were not called fascists, racists, terrorists, or any other derogatory names. Protesters did not sport guns at town hall meetings, nor did the protesters have that "angry mob" mentality.

So what is different this time? For the first time in the history of our country, we have an African-American president. He is different than any other president we've ever known. Could it be that people just don't know what to make of him, or how to deal with him? I'm not saying that they are racists. I'm saying that people fear the unknown. They fear anything that takes a giant step away from the norm of what we know and are used to. And all of the lies about President Obama are fueling that fear.

I lived in the Chicago area for more than 60 years before moving to Kingman. We in Illinois knew we had nothing to fear by voting for Obama because we were familiar with him and his work. To people in other states, however, Obama was virtually unknown. When Obama became a member of the Senate, however, no one questioned his citizenship, no one considered him a Nazi or a fascist. No one called him a racist. It wasn't until the polls started to show that Obama was capable of winning the presidential race that the lies came fast and furiously. And now that it looks as if a healthcare bill might be passed, panic is sweeping though the greedy ranks of the insurance companies, and that is why they are promoting the disruption of town hall meetings and spreading fear among the elderly.

I know that all of you who hate President Obama will say that I don't know what I'm talking about, and don't have a mind of my own, that I'm part of that "leftist Obamamania" as one person put it. But you would be wrong. I have been around long enough, and have seen enough, to have a mind of my own and my own views. I can see what is going on. People are scared. I understand that. But, as I said, unless you fear the entire Democratic legislature, and believe that they are all Nazis whose mission is to destroy the United States, nothing detrimental to our way of life can be put into place. President Obama is not a dictator. He cannot snap his fingers and say, so be it!

When a good healthcare bill gets passed and it helps tens of thousands of people, what would be so terrible about that?

Lori Gabriel-Dane,