Letter: Regarding town hall meetings

On Aug. 22, I attended what was billed as a "town hall meeting." That's not what I would have called it. In my opinion, it was a "White Christian Evangelical GOP Hate Fest" hosted by Representative Trent Franks, R-Arizona. There was no usable information exchanged, and the one voice of opposition to the congregation was booed down. The rest of us were too intimidated to speak up.

A town hall meeting is supposed to be for all the citizens and should have been in a neutral hall where everyone in attendance, Christian or not, Republican or not, white or not, would feel they could speak up and voice their opinions and concerns.

I am also appalled at the outright lies regarding our president and how Franks not only allowed it, he encouraged it. He seemed smugly pleased with the anger and hate. Shame on you! And in a house of God no less!

Whether you believe health insurance reform is right or wrong, one should not have misinformation thrown at them. Hatred toward your fellow human beings should never be condoned. Mr. Franks, and every other elected official, no matter your political affiliation, you need to try to bring our country back together instead of purposely tearing it apart. I, for one, intend to do everything I can to ensure Trent Franks is voted out in his next election. We have no need for hate-mongers in our country.

Kimbery Lawrence,

Bullhead City