Letter: You just keep talking, Mayor Salem

I was going to let the biodiesel issue alone until I read Mayor Salem's condescending comments recently. After I got done being mad, I laughed. I laughed because I pictured in my head what he would be saying if the vote had gone the other way. Probably would have been whining about a small group who hijacked the whole project, cost the city $40 million and Kingman's probably gonna fall into the sea.

Oh, speaking of the $40 million, where did that figure come from? You didn't back it up at the P&Z meeting where you spoke, "not as the mayor but as a concerned citizen." Was that figure only good if the plant was built on Neal land? I guess it probably is, as Rick Neal stated on television that it wouldn't be built if it wasn't built on his land. What's that mean? I'm for growth as long as I have a piece of the pie? Just wondering.

Also, can you use your influence as mayor on an issue that does not concern the city? I saw the e-mail that was circulated about the biodiesel plant that stated, "The Mayor needs our help." Again, just wondering.

But I digress. Let's get back to the condescending comments. Mr. Salem points out that many Valle Vista residents have propane tanks. This is true. However, the mayor fails to point out that I live here by choice. I wasn't forced to live here. I heat and cool my house by choice. It wasn't rammed down my throat based on very questionable decisions and backroom deals.

Keep talking, Mr. Mayor. Your own words will eventually be your downfall. Heck, listening to you has given me a reason to live. My only regret about not living in Kingman proper is I won't be there to vote against you.

Rick Veradt,

Valle Vista