Licenses & Permits: Sunday, September 6, 2009

The city of Kingman recently issued the following business licenses:

1st Responder Warehouse: Jason Scott; 2289 Seminole Drive; Internet sales.

4 Way Stop: Sara B. Moffitt; 3621 E. Shaeffer; handyman - home and garden.

Airway Express LLC: 3461 E. Andy Devine Ave.; convenience store.

Barry Bunnell and Associates: 5123 Tennessee Ave. No. 19, Chloride; fire equipment and protection.

Becky's Crafts: Rebecca Story; 620 Beale St.; arts and crafts.

Benefit Health Products: 1000 E. King Ave., Kingsland, Ga.; health products.

Dutchmasters Electric, Inc.: 908 N. Lizanne Way, Tolleson; contractor.

Exceptional Landscape: Gilbert E. Duran; 41806 W. U.S. Highway 60, Morristown; contractor.

JDH Service & Repair: Jake D. Harms; 4872 Jagerson Lane; handyman - home and garden.

Kraft Wright LLC: Eric Patrick Whalen; 4345 Santa Fe Drive, Suite B; contractor.

Muzak LLC: 3318 Lakemont Blvd., Fort Mill, S.C.; business music programming.

R.R. Cars: Robert Raffaelli; 244 G. Street No. C, Needles, Calif.; vehicle delivery service.

Specialty Electrical Services: Robbie Stiles; 5 Longevity Drive, Henderson, Nev.; contractor.

Xtreme Auto Detailing: C. Sherwood and T. Munro; 3190 E. Potter Ave.; auto detail.

The city of Kingman recently issued the following building permits:

Cantrell Development: 3352 Rainbow Mine Road; new single-family residence; fees - $8,057.85.

Ken Thornton Construction: 2088 Seneca St.; new single-family residence; $9,036.12.

Kevin Davidson: 3069 Southern Ave.; residential addition; $299.06.

Sharyn L. Parrillo: 3217 Cypress St.; residential remodel; $299.06.

TR Orr, Inc.: 3975 N. Bank St.; commercial addition; $981.56.

KC Orr Builders, Inc.: 2820 E. Andy Devine Ave.; commercial remodel; $79.04.

Sunscape Shading Products LLC: 4019 Pinto Road; residential addition; $110.31.

Truelove Plumbing: 3275 Andy Devine Ave.; commercial addition; $183.56.

Humble Hammer, Inc.: 3900 N. Stockton Hill Road; commercial remodel; $137.36.

Mohave County recently issued the following permits:

Lloyd and Janice McGhee: 2806 S. Rockchuck Drive, Kingman; garage; $255.63.

Donald C. Cummings: 7385 W. Shipp Drive, Golden Valley; temporary travel trailer; $75.

Wilda J. Wheeler: 2310 S. Dewey Road, Golden Valley; demolition; $67.50.

Craig Fire Protection, Inc.: 3426 W. Griffith Road, Kingman; sprinkler system; $306.70.

Thunderbird Awning: 11311 E. Blake Ranch Road, Kingman; awning; $280.35.

Raymond Snodgrass: 3302 W. Carmichael Road, Kingman; garage; $399.38.

Marion Woods: 4330 N. Lomita St., Kingman; gas; $68.25.

Mohave Rancho Lumber: 5807 N. Davis Road, Golden Valley; mobile home, septic, power pole; $280.

Robert G. Pipkin: 548 S. Horse Mesa Road, Golden Valley; temporary travel trailer; $160.85.

Marie Petitti: 4635 N. Mormon Flat Road, Golden Valley; mobile home and power pole; $255.