Letter: Get the facts on tuition tax credits

As the administrator of the only private school in Kingman at present, I am compelled to write a letter in response to an article we saw in this paper recently regarding the AZ state Tuition Tax Credit and how the moneys are being used.

There was a comment in the recent article that indicated the tax credit is under attack because of the perception that families are being able to earmark their donations for their own children, and that the families who are receiving these funds are the more affluent ones, not the more needy in the community. In our small school, we have scholarship money available for families who register with the state tuition organizations that we deal with on a monthly basis. None of the families who receive funds are undeserving due to their income. I can honestly say that every family that has ever received funds through our school had the need for those funds. We have several families who would not be able to offer their children a private school education at all without these funds.

As a service to the Kingman community and outlying areas, we would like to invite anyone interested in information about how the tax credit works to come to a presentation at 6 p.m. Thursday at First Southern Baptist Church, 3120 Hualapai Mountain Road. ChamBria Henderson of Arizona Scholarship Fund will be here to explain the basics of the program for families and corporations, and to take questions on how families can benefit from these funds, or how individuals and corporations can benefit through the tax advantages for donors. ChamBria was instrumental in introducing the idea for the tax credit initially, and has many years of experience with STOs and how they work.

Thank you for your support and the opportunity to set the record straight in regard to a program which can and does benefit not only the families of private school kids in our area, but any family in Arizona that has state tax liability.

Karen Benson,

Emmanuel Christian Academy