Letter: Opinions abound, but morals lacking

In my opinion, humankind exists with human nature and a human condition. In other words, all people exist with their two natures, and the human condition can be summarized by saying, for every good in this life, there is a counterpart which contradicts it. There are many examples: faith and doubt, hope and despair, joy and sorrow, virtue and vice, peace and war, love and hate, pleasure and pain, delight and grief, good and evil.

All people have a purpose for their actions subject to the consequences. We reap what we sow. All people have their own views about everything. They differ, and you cannot persuade them to change their views. All people face the consequences of their nation's actions. All people place a value on everything; likewise, a nation will place a value on everything. All people experience relationships, emotions, feelings, passions, sensations including a self-awareness. All people are endowed to reason, and they all have a free will to make their own choices. All people need leaders, not politicians. All people need a government to keep order and to protect God's general moral law in civic matters.

My purpose for commenting something about human nature and the human condition is to remind people that our Founders created a republic of virtue, and the current fathers and mothers during my lifetime have transformed our nation into a republic of vices. I use the expression "current fathers and mothers" because the commandment, honor your father and mother, also applies to our leaders and to all who have authority over us, something I was taught in Sunday School in the 1940s.

It is too bad that our leaders are no longer upright, righteous, and are unwilling to do the right thing. They no longer are willing to use common sense, common reason and their faith to rule our nation. They all have their own opinions, their own agenda about everything, and they are determined to ramrod their agenda down our throats and clog our ability to breathe. I repeat, the purpose of government is to keep order and to protect God's general moral law in civic matters. In other words, our leaders have a moral obligation to lead a moral and ethical government as our Founders intended it to be.

Johannes Johannsen,