Letter: Thanks for not killing me

I'd like to thank the driver of the large white Suburban who passed me at about 7:45, as we were both headed eastbound on Louise this morning, Wednesday, Sept. 23. You may not remember me. I was on my bicycle.

I'd like to thank you for passing within inches of my shoulder, unlike every other vehicle that passes me while I ride, whose drivers seem to honor and understand what sharing the road means and what the consequences of hitting a bicyclist can be. Those drivers move well to the left as they pass and some even slow their speed.

I'd like to thank you for not running me off the road and perhaps killing me, as has happened to other bicycle riders here in Kingman, like our notable Dick Tomlin. I've seen it happened too often in over 36 years of serious riding. I'd like to thank you for passing me with at least a 25-mph speed differential. I was riding at about 15 mph, which means you were exceeding the 35-mph limit on Louise. I'd like to thank you for your blissful ignorance of vehicle codes allowing bicyclists and motor vehicles the same rights on the road. Or, were you distracted or simply not paying attention to your driving? I'd like to thank you for ignoring the city of Kingman and ADOT posting of "Share the Road" signs.

Finally, I'd like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to retire my old bike shorts. They were such a mess after you passed that no amount of laundering was going to salvage them. You scared the $#%* out of me.

Name withheld by request